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Hi, I'm Tim Boole. I do several things, each of which I really enjoy.


First, i'm a free-lance advertising and editorial photographer. I shoot pictures; both on assignment for clients, as well as for myself.

I do digital retouching and prepress, not just on pictures I've shot, but also on photographs shot by other photographers.

And I provide expert support and training in the creative use of cameras, software, and computers both for individuals and small groups.

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I'm a devoted student of all things digital but especially digital things related to photography and photoshop. I read and experiment to stay ahead of the curve. Almost 20 years of working with Photoshop and 40 years making photographs professionally give me a long perspective on where the cutting edge is, how it got there, and where it might go next.

Over the last couple of years I've rebooted my photography, performing immediate digital processing of images on the fly as they are shot and changing the way I think about creativity profoundly. This experience is cross-pollinating my more traditional work and enriching everything I do. I think I've learned more this past year than in any year since I began shooting.

The site is organized into three areas.

  • WORK has a bunch of galleries of my photographs. Some are my recent illustrative work, mostly shot and processed on site with iOS devices and software. Others are traditional big camera images from paying jobs.
  • ARTICLES is a collection of essays, tutorials and reviews. Areas covered are diverse, but all of interest to anyone fascinated by photography and design as I am.
  • RETOUCH is a gallery of sequential animations showing before and after versions of retouch jobs I've done over the years. Many are from images I've shot, but some were shot by other photographers and I've included photo credits where appropriate.
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